Beer Caddy

Beer Caddy Carrier

Who can trust cardboard, really? I mean, wood is so much more manly that it's not even fair to compare the two. Sorry, Cardboard, but you kind of had this coming after you fell apart on the staircase and broke an entire pack of homebrewed American wheat I was bringing to poker night. That was a real turd move, Cardboard.

These reclaimed wood 6-pack carriers are made to order. Each comes with aged wood and bottle opener. Distinctive wood, actual log handle and recycled rusty nails (no nail gun work here!) will tell everyone in the room that your beer will NOT be bruised.

Suck it, other people's possibly-bruised beer riding around all haphazardly, never knowing if you're going to be enjoyed to the fullest! THIS guy's beer is BOSS, Which makes HIM the boss.

Now give him all your poker money.

Images feature more than one caddy to highlight differences in each order. Each order is for one caddy.  Engraving of 1-3 letters is available. Write engraving request in the additional details of the order.

Every purchase from CFWW helps this small business thrive AND helps the team stay engaged in humanitarian efforts locally and abroad. 

Don't see exactly what you want? Let's make it happen. Send us a message and we'll get you set up with a custom quote right away. You deserve unique.  

$ 39.95
Was $ 44.00