Mario P-Wing Spring Cleaning

  • $ 62.50
  • Save $ 187.50

Only one to sell for Spring Cleaning! This P-Wing has been our traveling floor model at festivals for the last year. As such, it has a few minor scratches/dents.

It's not cheating, it's using a secret jewel right when you need it most. 

We bet you ten bucks you didn't know the in P-Wing stands for Paratroopa.* 

Perfect for a man cave, lady cave, bear cave, or game room, this Mario Brothers P-Wing made of alternating-grain wood really classes up the place in a way that says "I either really love you or I'm very tolerant of you. Look. See that? I could fly continuously for one whole level right outta here at any moment. But here I am, with you. Happy Anniversary."

Your 8-bit art comes with wall mounting hardware and is intended to be hung on a wall. But do whatever you want with it, man. You're the boss of where you live. 

Pine. 24.5 inches tall, 20.5 inches wide. 2 inches thick. 

Ready to ship. No waiting for build time - YAY!


Every purchase from CFWW helps this small business thrive AND helps the team stay engaged in humanitarian efforts locally and abroad. 

Don't see the 8-bit symbol you want? Send us a message and we'll get you set up with a custom quote right away.  

*did you know? Dang. Send me a message and I'll send you a $10 off coupon.