Serving Tray - Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood serving tray

Ok, real talk: I brought one of these to a party to carry in an appetizer of chips and dip. You would have thought I brought in a baby panda based on the way *everyone* kept talking about how cute it was. This could be your life. Baby panda life.

With a serving tray, your can serve the mess out of your friends and enemies.

Use as a mobile bar at home, to surprise someone with breakfast, turn upside down to boost a centerpiece, or just to make what YOU bring to the table look that much more fancy. The reclaimed wood looks so beautiful, many chose to leave it on display in the kitchen even when not in use.

Each tray is built entirely out of both reclaimed wood. You're paying for a 100% hand-made reclaimed item. Each piece is sanded down on all edges, even more so on the handles. A clear coating of sealer is applied to trays to make it food safe and brings out the vibrant colors of the different types of wood. 

Trays measure about a square foot on the inside. Custom sizes available- Contact us for a quote. 

Candle holder and log vase sold separately. Glassware not for sale.

Every purchase from CFWW helps this small business thrive AND helps the team stay engaged in humanitarian efforts locally and abroad. 

Don't see exactly what you want? Let's make it happen. Send us a message and we'll get you set up with a custom quote right away. You deserve unique. 

$ 28.00