Legend of Zelda 8-bit Boss Key

  • $ 299.00

Dah-na-na-NAAA~ You got the BOSS KEY. Now you can get inside the chamber where the boss lurks.

This 8-bit Boss Key from Nintendo's Legend of Zelda-Link to the Past is made entirely of assembled 1.75" pine wood blocks, stained to match the color of the original game item. 29 inches tall, 25 inches at the widest point.

There is not a better symbol to hang on your wall to remind you that you are about to accomplish something full of importance and destiny, and that you're poised in that moment with everything you need to press on.

Every purchase from CFWW helps this small business thrive AND helps the team stay engaged in humanitarian efforts locally and abroad. 

Don't see the 8-bit symbol you want? Send us a message and we'll get you set up with a custom quote right away. 

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