March in Orphanage Emmanuel, Honduras

Posted By Chad Floyd in News on Mar 20, 2015

Thank you all for your purchases. As always, portions of proceeds help me continue aid work in my favorite Honduran orphanage. I was doing just that for the first 15 days of March. Did you buy something from me in the last 6 months? You helped me get there. Thank you :)

This time they needed a ton of garden beds and other outdoor woodwork done for their garden. I made square beds for stacking potatoes, long beds for other plants, stacked long beds as cubbies for sacked compost projects, and I ended up building them some new sawhorses when the ones I was using disappeared one morning. All of this is from old rafter beams. I also helped dig out and install a new irrigation system in a new garden area and a LOT of necessary heavy lifting.

AND of course, there were tons and tons of hugs and conversations and smiles and love given away to the kids and the adults who take care of them. 

Why no photos of the kids? Because quality time, bro. So many people come down and try to force a whole life-long relationship with a few kids over the course of 5 days. This involves a lot of over-acting and photo taking. The small kids are into it, but it's not hard to notice how over all of it the older kids are. 

I want the kids to know I'm there because I want to be. Because I love them. Because they alone are worth a trip. 

So I haven't taken photos in my last three trips. I may make another video someday, but this time I was completely in the moment. And honestly, that's way more memorable in a lot of ways. 

If you want to help me continue doing this, the best way is to support my business by purchasing listed items on, ordering custom works, bragging about something cool you saw me make on your own social media, and of course donating toward trip costs.

I'm continually blown away by what kind of life I have right now: I get to start and own a business based off skills I though were tiny and meaningless AND get to have the flexibility to help an orphanage AND people have become fans of both despite myself. Thank you thank you thank you. 

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