Show Us Your Faces at Holiday Events! Here's Where/When:

Posted By Chad Floyd in News on Nov 30, 2017

Lots of the products made by Chad Floyd Woodworks are only available in person at live sales events. Maybe they're items that don't fit in shipping well, are completely unique one-off builds or carvings, we can only make so many every year, or they're straight up just surprise treats we reveal to those who come see us.

Atlanta Food Makers We ❤️ LOVE ❤️

Posted By Chad Floyd in News on Nov 29, 2017

Whether you're looking for a foodie gift for the holidays or just, you know, hungry, these Atlanta small businesses make our mouths water.

You Probably Don't Want Stain

Posted By Chad Floyd in News on Jul 11, 2017

Usually when folks ask for stain, and it happens a lot, they don't mean stain at all. They want it to be sealed, be finished with polish, or just assume that stain is used on everything wooden. And I get that- I used to think the same thing before I got into woodwork. Of course I will always recommend and do the best treatment on your custom build from my woodshop. But if you want to be better equipped with wood finish knowledge, I made you a list: Stain = changes color. Literally stains. No, I won't do this to the reclaimed...

Antique Redwood Siding Headboard

Posted By Chad Floyd in News on Nov 05, 2015

Chad found a pile of very old redwood siding in an old abandoned Dallas, Georgia barn. The best guesses we have is that this wood has been sitting there for at least 50 years, giving it some incredible aging and color. This piece in particular sold before we could even list it for sale.  Do you want a custom headboard built just for you? Send us a message! We will design it for you, help you pick the right material for what you want, and build you a beauty. 

Custom Tap Handles | Golda Kombucha, Atlanta

Posted By Chad Floyd in News on Oct 30, 2015

We were asked by a really awesome local Kombucha maker (seriously awesome to the max- check it out here) to design and build some custom tap handles. Melanie, the owner of Golda Kombucha, had already salvaged some wine barrel staves from which she wanted the handles to be made.  K. *drools* Chad designed each one of these alongside Melanie. There's a really cool mix here of hand carving, using a router, wood burn, and branding irons by Gearheart, another great Atlanta maker.  Got something custom in mind with which you want help designing and building? We got you, dawg. Send us...

Georgia Wedding Guest Book

Posted By Chad Floyd in News on Oct 26, 2015

We love building for weddings, and this custom request was no exception. Reclaimed wood, branding iron, conspiring with other local makers...

Whiskey Box Wedding Ceremony

Posted By Chad Floyd in News on Sep 05, 2015

A charming new tradition we've been asked to help with a lot lately is the Whiskey Box Ceremony for weddings.  The couple choses a whiskey they both love, or take a bottle from the reception stock, or even buy a very expensive celebration edition and place it into a wooden box during their wedding ceremony. They will then place into the box two notes they each wrote to the other detailing why they first fell in love, why they stayed in love, and why they are so happy to be marrying that day. In one ceremony we went to ,the couple invite guests...

Deluxe Reclaimed Wood Cooler Stand

Posted By Chad Floyd in News on Sep 05, 2015

We had the pleasure of building a deluxe cooler stand out of reclaimed wood for a special client. It features a 48 gallon cooler, internal plumbing and exterior spigot, champagne chilling pail, wine cubby, glass rack, cutting board, and all matching oil-rubbed bronze hardware.    Like what you see or want to order your own custom woodwork? Shoot us a message!

August's New Designs!

Posted By Chad Floyd in News on Sep 05, 2015

We love designing new things at Chad Floyd Woodworks. Like, LOOOOVE it. In this month alone, we've launched State Wall Hangs, Artisan Cutting Boards, and featured newly redesigned Corn Hole Boards built to endure anything you throw at it- drunk adult human bodies included*. And more new products are on the way. At CFWW, we're absolutely crazy about building it beautifully, functionally, and just for you. That means custom orders are FULLY custom and you get exactly everything you wanted (usually with a few bonuses in tow). Have you been itching to request something custom? Even if you don't fully have the idea formed, send us a message and we'll...

Reclaimed Wood Stackable Bookshelf

Posted By Chad Floyd in News on May 26, 2015

Yeah, Chad Floyd Woodworks can build you that stackable bookshelf you found on Pinterest. But it will be WAY better.