Atlanta Food Makers We ❤️ LOVE ❤️

Posted By Chad Floyd in News on Nov 29, 2017

Whether you're looking for a foodie gift for the holidays or just, you know, hungry, these Atlanta small businesses make our mouths water. Is it weird to talk about our mouths? Man, now we feel weird that we talked about mouths. 



PS Sweets Atlanta Makers

Gretchen of P.S. Sweets makes everything from scratch. Make someone's holiday sweet with this limited edition peppermint candy and cookie Christmas gift basket. The peppermint & candy swirl gift basket is filled with two hot chocolates on a stick, five gourmet vanilla bean marshmallows, and four sugar cookies. 



 xocolatl gift basket chocolate atlanta

We love Xocolatl's story of the founders whisking away to Costa Rica to reclaim dreams and sense of freedom. And, real talk? This chocolate is good. Like, whoa good. Really really good. You know what? It tastes like reclaimed dreams and freedom. Yeah. Buy this gift basket and give it to us. 


Golda Kombucha

Golda Kombucha Atlanta

Have you had kombucha yet? Listen, Golda Kombucha is where you should start because it's where you're going to end up staying anyway. Founder Melanie is on top of her game and crafts a perfect kombucha. Give the @goldakombucha account a follow on instagram to stay updated on where to find your next bottle. 


Hopes Salsa (late entry, added the minute I had some)

Hopes Verde Salsa

Hi. Chad Here. So... I love salsa. A lot. Probably too much. And I'm really picky about what salsa I'll eat. I've been heartbroken too many times. But no longer will I have to guard my expectations. I've been getting to know the creators of Hopes Salsa while doing work at Root City. And I right just now (11:25AM Thursday November 30) consumed my first bites of their delicious hero sauce. That's not what they call it- just what it is. This verde salsa is SO. DANG. GOOD. Have any hoppy Sweetwater Beer with it and you'll be set. Pick some up at Root City Holiday Pop Up in Decatur or order directly from Hopes Salsa. K I'm going back to basically drinking this jar of salsa now byyyyyyeeeee. 

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