Reclaimed Wood Stackable Bookshelf

Posted By Chad Floyd in News on May 26, 2015

A friend of mine asked me if I could make her a reclaimed wood bookshelf like one she saw on Pinterest. The post itself no longer linked to the appropriate image or article, but the idea was mostly sound. 

The order: A bookshelf made of multiple stackable boxes with two equal compartments each made of mixed reclaimed wood. It had to be totally flat where all the boxes meet so they would sit still and not topple or lean, which is not a quality normally available in reclaimed wood. 

This is one of those cases when something has been made to look very clean and simple but actually had a ton of work go into it.

I personally reclaim all wood I use. So that includes picking it up, pulling nails/staples/other debris out,  jointing, planing, and cutting all wood to size. Then for this project I also reinforced all the wood with dowelling throughout every joint.

It. Is. Solid. 

And you can arrange it in so many different ways. 

As always, my favorite part is the natural wood colors, scars from the wood's previous career(s), and how they all contrast and make each other pop. 

Wood is so dynamic. The wooden goods in your life should also be dynamic. 

I love how very functional, beautiful, and versatile these turned out. So much so, that I will be making a lot more for my festival displays, event rentals, and for use in my personal home. 

Would you like to order your own stackable bookshelf or custom reclaimed wood piece? Send me a message through the contact page and we'll get you started today :)

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