The Woodshop is Expecting

Posted By Chad Floyd in News on May 21, 2015

I keep a bunch of cedar shavings in a miller lite 12 pack box. I use them as shipping padding for some smaller orders. A few weeks ago I kept finding random cedar shavings all over the woodshop, which was weird since I haven't worked with cedar in a few months. 

That's when I discovered the beginnings of a nest. 

Yep, there were two tiny brown birds building a nest inside my shavings box, making me look like such an alcoholic for this post. 

I was concerned that I shouldn't let them finish building it because the baby birds may not get fed due to my constant presence in the room along with heavy use of loud machines right next to the box. Ultimately I decided to let them keep building if they weren't bothered by me during the week of heavy building I had to do myself. 

Well, soon we could see as many as five little birds. 

It's difficult to get a shot, but here's what I was able to get before the mama flew out and made me shout a rather substantial cuss word. 

The smaller box is the cedar shaving box. The only way I can look in without disturbing the nest is by peeking through the handle on the left side while ducking under my hanging bicycle:


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