Shook Wedding Custom Woodwork

Posted By Chad Floyd in News on May 21, 2015

I was super happy to help my friend and former roommate by building some custom woodwork for her really cool "Whiskey and Wildflowers" themed wedding. My former career had me constantly planning events and I really miss it. So whenever I get the opportunity to help design something as big a deal as a wedding, I jump on it. 

Plus, I wasn't convinced that I was going to get an invite, so this totally helped me secure a seat. 

First up, Brooke wanted a bright white giant letter S to use as a guest sign in. We didn't have a guestbook at our wedding or reception, but now I kind of wish we had done something unique like this. Not THIS, clearly, because having a giant letter F around doesn't really communicate what we would want. 

And they used my surplus of log candle holders for centerpieces. They're always available to rent or buy. 

Brooke had me build the two of them a custom corn hole set out of reclaimed wood. I slightly charred the wood with a propane torch and added an oxidizing solution to give it a boost of reclaimed character. All the engraving was meant to look like a hand cut declaration of love into the side of a tree. 

Lastly, Jesse and Brooke wanted to do something super cool during their ceremony. They had me build a box in which they could keep a bottle of whiskey and letters they had written to each other about why they had fallen in love. And then they sealed it during the ceremony. I've heard two versions of what's next; either they will open this on a certain anniversary OR during their first fight, either way the contents will be enjoyed at that moment. 

I also supplied all the mossy Sweet Gum logs that lined the path to the ceremony. 

This was such a cool idea that I've actually already had orders for other weddings. The Shooks are such trend setters. 

I was so honored to design and build these for you, Jesse and Brooke. Thank you for including me. 

Do you have a wedding or other event coming up? I'd love to collaborate with you to make it unique and yours! Hit me up soon I get booked on a first come first serve basis.

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