For Fans of Community Coming Together

Posted By Chad Floyd in News on Apr 08, 2015

A woodworker friend of mine had his woodshop destroyed by a fallen tree.

Well played, trees. 

I can imagine how truly devastating it would be to lose the only space you can use to create. It would be a dark, dark place for me and it's pretty scary to think about. 

Brian builds more than beautiful woodwork; he builds community. Specifically, a community which has and continues to help and encourage me in my beginnings as a woodworker. Anytime you see evidence of an overwhelmingly positive attitude toward this challenging art/craft/job, it is a direct result of Brian and the community he cultivates. 

And so it is as a member of this woodworking family that I ask my own local community to think about what it would be like to lose your only work space, and give what you can to chip in toward helping a brother out. Because I truly truly want to see more things like this in the world: more groups of very different people coming together to lift a friend out of the mud. I donated. I want you to as well. 

Click HERE and put a few bucks in there. 

I'll even sweeten the deal: Take a screen shot of the "thank you for your donation" screen and send it to me in an email ( and I'll give you a killer discount code for goods from my own woodshop. You'll probably even get a few extra goodies in your package. 

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