The Woodshop is Expecting

Posted By Chad Floyd in News on May 21, 2015

A few weeks ago I kept finding random cedar shavings all over the woodshop, which was weird since I haven't worked with cedar in a few months. 

That's when I discovered the beginnings of a nest. 

Shook Wedding Custom Woodwork

Posted By Chad Floyd in News on May 21, 2015

I was super happy to help my friend and former roommate by building some custom woodwork for her really cool "Whiskey and Wildflowers" themed wedding. My former career had me constantly planning events and I really miss it. So whenever I get the opportunity to help design something as big a deal as a wedding, I jump on it.  Plus, I wasn't convinced that I was going to get an invite, so this totally helped me secure a seat. First up, Brooke wanted a bright white giant letter S to use as a guest sign in. We didn't have a guestbook...

For Fans of Community Coming Together

Posted By Chad Floyd in News on Apr 08, 2015

A woodworker friend of mine had his woodshop destroyed by a fallen tree. Well played, trees.  I can imagine how truly devastating it would be to lose the only space you can use to create. It would be a dark, dark place for me and it's pretty scary to think about.  Brian builds more than beautiful woodwork; he builds community. Specifically, a community which has and continues to help and encourage me in my beginnings as a woodworker. Anytime you see evidence of an overwhelmingly positive attitude toward this challenging art/craft/job, it is a direct result of Brian and the community...

Custom Tables for Orange Sparkle Ball, Atlanta

Posted By Chad Floyd in News on Mar 30, 2015

Orange Sparkle Ball, a super cool visual communication company on the Atlanta belt line, contacted me to build them a few things including 8 custom 32"x32" tables. I always go and meet with my clients to make sure they're getting exactly what they want. The final conclusion was this size table, built extremely firm, on casters, with an industrial-meets-rustic-meets-reclaimed look *without* sacrificing too much table top smoothness.  They also gave me artistic freedom to put different designs in each table top, which was so fun.  Here's a small sampling of those tables. You can see a lot more of the wood...

March in Orphanage Emmanuel, Honduras

Posted By Chad Floyd in News on Mar 20, 2015

Thank you all for your purchases. As always, portions of proceeds help me continue aid work in my favorite Honduran orphanage. I was doing just that for the first 15 days of March. Did you buy something from me in the last 6 months? You helped me get there. Thank you :) This time they needed a ton of garden beds and other outdoor woodwork done for their garden. I made square beds for stacking potatoes, long beds for other plants, stacked long beds as cubbies for sacked compost projects, and I ended up building them some new sawhorses when the...

Woodworking Saved My Life

Posted By Chad Floyd in News on Jan 12, 2015

  I was in the middle of a depression. The sudden and unjust death of my previous church career drove me there, but that doesn't matter for the story. I was in so far that I couldn't trace my way back to the start and far enough away from an end that the depression itself caused more depression. I needed to struggle to stay alert, to stay alive. I climbed trees. I traveled. I laughed with friends. I screamed at churches. I overreacted to church staff. I sat for weeks on my front porch staring into nothing, unable to read even...

The Mario Brothers Build and Photo Shoot

Posted By Chad Floyd in News on Jan 07, 2015

One can never be too sure of what kind of friends he has until he asks one of them to shave down to just a mustache for him.  As it turns out, I have an amazing friend. Ward hadn't seen his chin in at least two years when he agreed to help.  FriendS, really, because Erin of Flutterbee Photography helped tremendously with this idea, offering tons of creative feedback and taking these wonderful pictures. You guys, don't even try to think of a reason to need a photographer. Just book her. She's got talent. Lots of it. I was all...