Yoga Block

Yoga Block

Standard 9x6x4”

Give your home practice a big upgrade. Wood yoga blocks look and smell soooo much better than foam!

Clean with your favorite aromatic essential oil for a refreshing scent :)

No two are exactly alike. Blocks pictured are close examples.

One wood = one solid unit cut from a well-seasoned eastern red cedar log. Because I properly age and dry my wood, it will not change shape or warp. Has natural hair fractures, age rings, and occasionally small divots of live-edge.

Two wood= a glue-up of two beautiful pieces of reclaimed wood. May have minimal small scars filled in with epoxy.

Multi-wood= a glue up of many gorgeous woods I couldn’t stand to throw into the scrap pile. Bulk will likely be maple or poplar but with lots of other beautiful small pieces added.

$ 95.00